If memory serves (haven’t checked, and my memory is ridiculously unreliable) next week is the week when all the bonuses apply each day. That means getting patron is a priority for a lot of people who doesn’t usually get Patron. The increase in price is more likely than not that more people are buying,the more player want to get Cheap Trove Flux, getting the more commonly priced passes and opening up to the more expensive passes.

It’s pretty much all a question of supply and demand. Once next week is over and done with, the price will probably level out, back at its usual price range.

The price is high now but wait till the PTS patch hits Live. With the amount of flux that will be flowing into the market the prices will inevitably soar. A single user with 8 alts in U9 can get 120k per dragon kill which is not an impossible feat. If you are having trouble getting the amount needed for a pass now it will become much harder soon.

There is also no possible way they will add patron passes themselves. This is their one good item in the store as everything else is so overpriced that you would need to be a blind idiot to buy. Giving away the one thing you are selling reliably (because it is required for play) is the worst business idea since recycled toilet paper.

The more expensive patron pass is in the market , the less money Trion will earn .
– If patron is cheap , many ftp players will buy cheapest trove flux on the market from those who bought it with real money .
– If patron is expensive , a small fragment of players will directly buy it from both market and store . And those who want to sell the ones from the store will fail because of the ridiculous price .

So if the market price of patron goes up , it’s bad news for Trion . (far less profit from ftp , and only a tiny gain from those who chose the store option)

There is a reason why patron gives you enough flux (by selling chaos chests) to buy another patron . Because that another patron is still bought with real money by those who wish to gain flux by selling it . It’s a crucial circle of ftp and ptp . Remove one and both will be no good .