I love the breaches but some minions are overturned.. lightning spiders who perms shock you even when you have max lightning resistances . If I’m in a serious business area like around Malachai or something then I leave them alone. If I get a ton spawning at once on my trapper it’s GG from the fps drop. Thank god I’m not playing hardcore.

None of these are top-tier clear speed builds. The last super fast clear build we had was cospri discharge with shield charge for the Path of Exile Items and it got nerfed. It’ll still clear packs well but the single target got destroyed.

I wouldn’t say that Bows that one-shots off-screen mobs and Blade Flurry that deletes everything in the game in seconds are not “super-fast” (with Blade Flurry you can clear Beyond / Breach / whatever mods you want for more exp and juicy rewards easily, so besides of being strongest (?) skill in the game it’s great for farming challenging maps).

Vaal Spark has also received heavy and repeated nerfs over time. Bows don’t exactly oneshot everything by default, they’re fine but they aren’t as insanely good as some people make them sound, not to mention a terrible, sucky early-to-midgame experience.

Anyway, my point wasn’t that there are no fast clear builds out there, my point was GGG seems to dislike them and to generally design temp leagues with the idea of slowing map clear speed down. Prophecy league included a ton of backtracking, the Atlas mechanic requires you to fill the Atlas up so you kinda have to run quite a few maps with terrible layouts which you wouldn’t touch with a long stick otherwise, the guardians and shaper themselves have humongous HP pools just to slow you down, now the Breaches make backtracking nearly mandatory. It’s just my observation, might not be necessarily the case but certainly looks so.

Vaal Spark still holds strong though. Someday they will completely destroy this build though. Maybe they will even touch Explossive Arrow one day.

Bows have great uniques to assist during levelling. Bow builds are insane man. Player just need ton of currencie and get used to dodgy play style as Bow builds are still pretty squishy even with Kaom and stuff.

My point is they still give you ton of power to clear insanely fast nevertheless ; Well, if take a look on Breach from other perspective by the Path of Exile ORBS For Sale, they vice versa encourage not only backtracking (I am not sure Breaches can even stretch that far to legitimately label coming back a screen backtracking) but make you play most OP clear speed insane build to get as much exp / rewards as possible out of them.

Still rolling in normal and so far, having a blast with these. Died a few times, no worries. Seems like the best bet is to hit them in open areas, enclosed areas, corridors, ect seem like a pita and not worth messing with them.