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POE: Bows have great uniques to assist during levelling


I love the breaches but some minions are overturned.. lightning spiders who perms shock you even when you have max lightning resistances . If I’m in a serious business area like around Malachai or something then I leave them alone. If I get a ton spawning at once on my trapper it’s GG from the fps drop. Thank god I’m not playing hardcore.

None of these are top-tier clear speed builds. The last super fast clear build we had was cospri discharge with shield charge for the Path of Exile Items and it got nerfed. It’ll still clear packs well but the single target got destroyed.

I wouldn’t say that Bows that one-shots off-screen mobs and Blade Flurry that deletes everything in the game in seconds are not “super-fast” (with Blade Flurry you can clear Beyond / Breach / whatever mods you want for more exp and juicy rewards easily, so besides of being strongest (?) skill in the game it’s great for farming challenging maps).

Vaal Spark has also received heavy and repeated nerfs over time. Bows don’t exactly oneshot everything by default, they’re fine but they aren’t as insanely good as some people make them sound, not to mention a terrible, sucky early-to-midgame experience.

Anyway, my point wasn’t that there are no fast clear builds out there, my point was GGG seems to dislike them and to generally design temp leagues with the idea of slowing map clear speed down. Prophecy league included a ton of backtracking, the Atlas mechanic requires you to fill the Atlas up so you kinda have to run quite a few maps with terrible layouts which you wouldn’t touch with a long stick otherwise, the guardians and shaper themselves have humongous HP pools just to slow you down, now the Breaches make backtracking nearly mandatory. It’s just my observation, might not be necessarily the case but certainly looks so.

Vaal Spark still holds strong though. Someday they will completely destroy this build though. Maybe they will even touch Explossive Arrow one day.

Bows have great uniques to assist during levelling. Bow builds are insane man. Player just need ton of currencie and get used to dodgy play style as Bow builds are still pretty squishy even with Kaom and stuff.

My point is they still give you ton of power to clear insanely fast nevertheless ; Well, if take a look on Breach from other perspective by the Path of Exile ORBS For Sale, they vice versa encourage not only backtracking (I am not sure Breaches can even stretch that far to legitimately label coming back a screen backtracking) but make you play most OP clear speed insane build to get as much exp / rewards as possible out of them.

Still rolling in normal and so far, having a blast with these. Died a few times, no worries. Seems like the best bet is to hit them in open areas, enclosed areas, corridors, ect seem like a pita and not worth messing with them.

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Trove: PTS is not for fixing the game nor testing



Not true if you go look at pts forums there are tons of bug report posts. Yes some people do main it but there are some players that actually test for and report bugs. Hopefully they will do something about this as this is no where near the first time huge bugs have made it through the pts even though they were reported.

PTS is not for fixing the game nor testing. This is evident as a vast majority of the posts about bugs just get ignored. I don’t blame the users who main PTS anymore as the devs just really don’t care about the state of the server either through the Trove Flux for sale. If you look through the forum it is clear that most of the issues we are now having have already been reported. The server is pointless, the forum is useless, and the devs do not care.

They have said in the past that they are trying to make the server a proper testing platform, but it looks like that is no longer the case. I don’t like being a pessimist but when nothing good comes from the PTS their words mean very little. They have to prove through actions and this is a perfect example that they are unwilling to do so.

We’re working to get these current bugs fixed as quickly as possible. Having them make it to live is not something we take lightly. We’re reevaluating the PTS processes we have in place to make sure we catch these things earlier and keep them from hitting live servers.

Whether or not they read the PTS forum is fairly a moot point. Even if they did read them, we get things on PTS a week before the go to buy trove items. A week is hardly enough time to find causes and fix bugs.

It did hurt me around a year ago when the game rushed over beta and went live after few weeks. I guess its not the devs fault, but the moneypeople behind. Happens everywhere in thise years, that good things is rushed throug the making in the name of fast profit. When Trove dies the moneypeople rush of for new profit, destroying another game. I will gladly go back to the old gameaccess model Pay more for access and enter a full finished, working game.

Reevaluate PTS is right because you guys do not read what is over there at all nor have a QA team. It would have taken 10 minutes (at most) to see that the PTS version was not fit for Live but it went through anyway. While I appreciate that you guys are working on fixing the bugs, this should have been solved long before. PTS does need to be fixed, but how the devs view PTS needs to be fixed more.

Well there has already been a hotfix to fix issues, though I haven’t really bothered to attempt to play much. Of course there are still going to Buy Trove Flux with be long standing issues that haven’t been fixed too such as crashes and disconnections to the server that won’t allow you to reconnect unless you reopen the client. I so share disappointment in how a lot of games seem to ignore or neglect important QoL issues.

Trove: mantle of Power gave the final push


There used to be interaction between players and devs with little to no downtime. Devs answered to us directly rather than just to a camera on a livestream. They felt more like people and less like the robots they are today (with the exception of a few of them.)

I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on this game, made costumes and mounts, and you know what? I actually kind of regret all of it. Back then I was proud to have something with my name on it in a game that I enjoyed and the Cheap Trove Flux. However, seeing what this game has become has turned that pride into shame.

I didn’t want to quit this game, I was really on the edge. Mantle of Power gave the final push and frankly, it felt less like a push and more like a violent shove. Seeing the INSANE and INTENTIONAL RNG in gems was positively infuriating. I thought you were trying to avoid luck in progression with the new forging system, and that was a great step. Then you decide to take a hot, steaming dump all over that step with Gems. You practically buried it ten feet deep and buried it in cement.

You keep saying, “We’re listening, we’re listening.” I listen to stuff all the time and don’t address it. Then again, I’m not a gaming company with tens of thousands of people to please, so that’s one thing I’ve got going for me. What’s the excuse on Trion’s end?

Gem karma and and moving health regen to another tanky stat is not what the community has been asking for. The entire gem system is painful and unrewarding. This game will be shelved for me unless the gem system is reworked completely. Most gems that drop are absolute garbage and the RNG to upgrade them is unacceptable.

Adding Gem karma and making the health regen stat more beneficial, or removing it from Gems, are requests from the community to Buy Trove Flux. If those aren’t the first changes you wanted that’s fine. You’ll have another chance to like a change as we continue to adjust the system.

Some of the changes we want to make are easier than others. Rather than waiting until we can build new technology into the game to make any adjustments we’re going to give players some of the stuff they’ve been asking for in the interim.

What was mentioned on the livestream wasn’t the end of the discussion. There will be more info posted in this thread and discussed in future livestreams as we make additional changes.

Trove: the Dino tamer is too Op in PvP

With the new dino tamer class being released early for people who buy the prehistoric pack, came a lot of changes. Especially in pvp. The complaint i hear from most people is that the dino tamers ultimate makes capturing the flag too easy. While this may be true the dino tamers ultimate isnt even the biggest problem in pvp. Your main concern is its nets. When stepping into the net the poison damage takes Chunks of your Hp, and the poison effects you even long after youve escaped the range of the net to buy trove flux online. I really think both the dino tamers ultimate and its net ability should be nerfed for PvP. Outside of pvp the dino tamer is fine, even more then that, hes great. But in pvp i believe he should be nerfed. Thank you for your time in reading this.

The net is the only skill able to kill a player so i dont think it needs a nerf. If you nerf both Net damage + ultimate then the class will not be able to kill or capture the flag, why would someone uses it ?
a lots of classes are already overpowered (candy barbarian ultimate, pirate captain ultimate, revenant ultimate) especially when the critical damage is On.
But i have to agree about the speed (DT ulti), it needs a nerf. I also noticed that the ice sage ultimate and his M1 skill, juggernaut flask doesnt slow/freeze the mount (intended ?).

To make PVP better, they need to improve the hitbox. even if you perfect dodge the Net, the candy B ulti, candy B 1 skill, Rev ulti, you are dead.

I’ve been playing Trove a bit more recently, and, after some games in PvP, it’s come to my attention that Dino Tamer is ridiculously OP because it deals over 50k dmg with a clever trap with Buy Trove Flux. This means that it 1-shots every class in the game except for a knight with his ultimate on. Please tell me if you guys are also seeing this issue.

I’ve seen rev survive it, but yes it is broken. Though if it gets nerfed, I could see it being bad if they do something about the mount too. Better than outclassing everything though. What makes things worse is xp level affecting stats so newbies get wrecked, and some may get put off and not play anymore meaning longer queues.

My main complaint about the dino tamer is how the dinosaurs each have different abilities but you get them through RNG. There’s honestly no point making them have different abilities if you can’t choose different dinos for the situations you’re in. For example, it would be much better if you could choose and then say “There’s a big group of enemies here so I’ll control them with a stun dino” or “I’m quite low on health so I’ll spawn a tank dino to take it the damage for me” but it ends up being “Oh good I spawned an attack dino and now I’m dead because I took too much damage”