Albion Online‘s closed beta phase is closer than ever, so you better get ready to tear down the gates and jump into the medieval MMO! Well, if you are one of the chosen ones to enter the closed beta, that is.

On the 23rd of November the Legendary Founders will be able to enter the servers, as the first players to traverse the shores of Albion. Then on the 24th, the Epic Founders get to enter as well, and last but not least the Veteran Founders get access to the closed beta on the 25th.


Since the last testing period, the game has undergone some significant changes. The combat system has seen a complete overhaul, ass new skills and skillshots have been added, as well as spells and even whole new armors! In addition, everything regarding to combat has been re-balanced. Treasure Chests and Shrines have been placed in PvP areas, so you’ll be able to find valuable loot there and craft enchanted gear. Is there any better reason to fight?

Personal and Guild Islands will be upgradable in the closed beta, so there’ll be far more room for activities! Labourers will help you cover your gathering needs, and the learning points have been reworked to be a bonus system to progress through the new Destiny Board. Also, Premium Accounts will be introduced in the closed beta. This function will grant you additional loot from killed mobs and allows you to progress through the Destiny Board faster.

November 23rd is still pretty far away, but at least you’ll know how long you still have to prepare!