I hate OP when he/she says, “it’s just people flipping them why it’s high.” No, that’s absurd and he/she should feel bad for oversimplifying something and actually believing that’s true.

The only time flippers would drastically increase the market like this if they are spending millions at a time buying out all the patron passes. But this is only temporary, by driving up the prices less people are buying them. So if someone had bought out dozens and dozens of the Cheap Trove Flux to patron pass, at some point they are going to want to unload them (for flux) and the price will drop way down. I don’t see this happening especially since as patron prices go up, more people are buying the tradable version to sell.

A few things instead are happening 1) The benefits to patron pass have ridiculously increased the earning rate of flux. Monday I made about 400k with just 3-4 hours of farming. I could almost buy another patron pass and could have easily done so in a day, so the idea of 550k being expensive is incorrect. More expensive than it was, yes… While mf does have diminished gains, keep in mind the jump between radiant and stellar is worth a ton of flux and you get stellars pretty commonly with 2400-2500 magic find.

Inflation. The person whose post I am quoting nailed it down, there is inflation. We can look at all the methods that bring in flux into the game (loot collecting, titan’s chests, …). Loot collecting does give some flux and with MOP out through the Trove Flux for sale, there are tons of more people grinding hence more flux into the game. Not only that, but before there were only hard mode ST resulting in 3 titan’s chests a week per player (and not everyone was able to do hard mode). Now, everyone and their grannies are being carried through to at least ultra WP. Everyone is almost getting 3-6 chests a week almost doubling the amount of flux entering by titan’s chests.

And what are the new money sinks? What is taking out money in the game? Almost nothing new except the most recent update where people have been buying tons of trove of wonders (which will die down). The end result, inflation, all across the board things have almost doubled in price. Most of the items in trove are one time buys and eventually people just hoard up flux which causes items such as patron pass, class coins, chaos chests, etc… to inflate