It is great to know the plans for the outlands before it actually launches, so we can give proper feedback and try to help avoiding further delays.

When it comes to the outlands I think it is a consensus that the main issues with it are:
– The map is too big (too many territories).
– The clusters are too big;
– The clusters are too empty and open (had few walls and/or PvP conflict points);
– The distance between cities and different type zones wis badly planned (depending on the black zone territory you had it could take up to 5x more time to get to a city;
– Too many dungeons;
– Guilds are too far from each other due to size and the timezones;

Having that in mind, it seems to me that the DEV’s idea for the new outland is to tackle the gigantic size of the world and try to better group specific guild categories together (e.g. hardcore ones concentrated on top part of the map even if they live on different time zones). It seems like a steap ahead, yes, but I’d like to discuss a few more things that haven’t been addressed in this post and ask what are you plans for it:

– First, what is your plan for the clusters? Current clusters are WAY too big and empty. We need clusters similar to black zone BETA1 ones. Those maps offered actual advantage for holding a territory.

– Second, besides reducing the number of blue dungeons (as it seems you did by looking to the map), will it be trans-cluster? All blue dungeons seems to make a “cross” pattern, will they be linked? If not, you should really consider it as a way to promote PvP and have guilds from different timezones fighting all the time for portals.

– Third, still on the clusters subject, are gathering hotspots still a goal? Those are extremely needed right now. Just buffing resource respawn will not do it. We need better concentration spots on the map, and resource hotspots might just do it.

– Fourth, are you actually satisfied with the new timezone system to the point you will repeat it? What is the DEVs mindset on the preset timezone system and how to use the safe albion online silver? I do understand you’ll bring different timezones closer, but what do you think about actually allowing players make the choice? To explain better, what if the attacking guild could at least pick which hour from the cluster time window it’ll attack? Right now this is pretty much allowed anyway since we can just “cheat” the system and attack on the right hour to make it happen, so why not just give players that option? That might even allow better confrontations from alliances of different timezones.

– Fifth, adding more town plots is great but there are way too many and they are way too close. It should be half or even a third of what you just designed.

– Sixth, what are the plans to the actual town plots GvGs? Town plot GvGs are horrendous right now due to both the map design and second due to the defender bonus. If we are receiving more town plots the buff should at least be nerfed to 10 or even removed.

– Seventh, are you bringing more territory diversity in terms of GvG? Maybe re-adding the old mine territory or the old essence territory as alternatives for the forest one? And you can get it very easliy by the Cheap Albion Online Silver,That’d be a nice edition while you are working on the map.

– Eighth, what is the actual number of clusters you think it’d be ideal for a game launch (considering this BETA’s starting population) in comparison to the current number? How smaller do you plan this map to be?

– Lastly, what are you doing to implement better diversity to clusters design? Everything seems very copy-paste, specifically if we consider it follows almost 99% of the time the same pattern of 4 entrances and symmetrical roads/layout.

We need more PvP spots and less walking/galloping around. I’d like to ask you to consider the changes I just proposed on top of the outlands revamp proposed on OP. An isolated change to the outlands pattern will help, yes, but not solve our issues.