The Albion Online team issued a February state-of-the-game letter this morning that explains its focus going forward, and it’s good news: Everything is getting bigger, from the world to the staff.

“In its current state, the game world can sometimes feel too unified and boring. This is due to the fact that we aimed to create a huge world, with a small team, in a limited amount of time,” Sandbox Interactive Community Commander Talion writes. “Based on the ongoing success of the game, we are expanding our world and level design staff and are working on creating a much more unique, interesting and expanded game world over the coming months. This will include improved aesthetics, such as biomes, unique player cities and also more strategic depth when it comes to resource and hot-spot distribution across the world.”

Talion says that the team is likewise working on new combat content and risk-vs.-reward ratios. The game world rework will include tweaks to the game’s loot drops, crafting, and red and black zones; red zones are full-loot PvP zones “subject to a crime and reputation system,” while black zones consist of claimable territory for guilds to scuffle over.