Arcane is fine. Think about it, you’re sacrificing 20% of your team for a pure utility slot that doesn’t always yield offensive benefit like your describing.

Let’s go through your examples.

…A.) snipe shot will do anywhere from 1500-2100 damage

– Empowered snipe shot, that’s a W + E (two huge spells for those roles) that can be completely negated with a single helmet ability like stoneskin or iceblock. Additionally, it’s extremely telegraphed where the both players have to make themselves stationary for multiple seconds. Additionally, any average quarterstaff player can interrupt that combo with ease.

…B.) duel swords will hit 2-3 people for anywhere from 1100-1400 damage

– 3 people getting hit by a single ability? Try spreading out! Again, the combo is pretty telegraphed and basic peel abilities will counter these.. wind wall, quarterstaff, knock back, etc.

…C.) heavy smash will hit 1-3 people for anywhere from 1100-1400 damage

– If 3 people are getting hit by an ability with a 2 second cast time then they’re either doing something wrong or they’re CC’d. If they are CC”d then that’s why there is Albion Online Items, if heavy smashes are doing 1000+ damage then that means they’re in light armor. Melee’s in light armor are very vry high risk.

…D.) something as gimicky as a bow deadlyshot or any q nuke spell on staff goes from reasonable poke damage into run for your life or if you don’t have a defensive you die immediatly

– “if you don’t have a defensive”… if you entire team has no defensives or anyway to peel for the empowered combo, don’t you think that is room for improvement?
Like I said in the beginning, in an arcane comp, your trading out another potential damage dealer for it. Two DPS’s focusing the same target will easily do 1000+ damage anyway it just requires a different type of coordination. AO PvP is a game of rock paper scissors. Your spec shouldn’t be strong against every possible opponent’s spec.