I know I’m not the only one that has complained about this. but I’m hoping that if it is said enough times it will get changed. the amount of gold you get by doing quests and killing mobs is stupid. 1g for a normal mob, 5g for a boss. and horses cost way to much for the amount of gold you get from mobs. on top of that you can pay 15$ to just buy one? REALLY!! are you so so tight for cash you got to get every last penny out of your fans? I would be ok if it was 5$. and you can ether up the amount of gold droped by mobs or lower the price of horses. Come on guys thank with your heads.

I’ve put little to no effort into getting gold so far… Only belong to one trade guild… Have bank alts absolutely RAMMED with crafting mats as I haven’t sold any yet… and still have no problems staying over 100k gold to Buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold, with a couple of horses bought, some v12 warlock pieces, and a full 208 skill point respec paid for.

Just don’t repair too much while levelling. Armor doesn’t do all that much for you then anyways, and you’ll find new stuff by the time you really need more.

I’m at Level 31, and my gold is sitting at just under 3K. I deconstruct nearly everything and sell it. Still doesn’t help all that much. Then I bought some extra bag space for an outrageous amount of coin, so the little bit of savings I’d had was gone.

Not seeing how anyone below Level 30 can have enough coin to buy a mount, unless they never buy bag space, never repair gear … or they buy gold from one of those darn gold-sellers.

The problem is monsters are definitely not a good source of money, for the most part. To save on money don’t repair your gear, just craft new ones every couple of levels, and make sure to use the torug’s pact set with the 100 extra armor so when it gets damaged it’s still usable. Also, when you get to level 42 in Cheap Elder Scrolls Online Gold your crafting make sure to get the extraction skills to 3/3 and refine your own raw materials for those upgrade mats. You shouldn’t have to buy much of anything really until you get to the later vr ranks and you want to spend some money on some nice gear (unless you need to buy a horse early on).

Personally, I have maxed bag and bank space, three epic vr5 recipes, two sets of legendary gear and the three maxed horses. I also maxed the Imperial horse. If you save up and trade wisely you’ll find that after a certain point gold becomes useless and the argument flips around.

Apparently, you’ve never played WOW, the most ”popular” MMO in existence… Mounts there are 25.00… Not to mention the host of other things you can pay for if you wish… 15.00 for a mount which is account bound and not for a single toon is a steal…if your into that.