As much fun as the “sit at the auction house pulling items down and putting them back up 2 silver less to undercut the guy who just undercut you” game is, it’s also important to have time to do other things in the game.

Players should be LOCKED from cancelling Buy/Sell Albion Online Gold orders for at least two hours.

This will save everyone the trouble of having the check the auction house every 5 minutes to ensure their giant stack of items wasn’t immediately undercut by 1 silver. It will prevent people from pulling down their items the moment they see someone sell something lower than them. It will nearly eliminate AH camping, encouraging people to leave town and actually experience everything else Albion has to offer.

And yes, I too have accidently put something up at a ridiculously low price by missing a zero or whatever, so I have no problems with adding a one minute grace time where you can cancel any buy/sell order before it becomes locked in, in case you make a mistake.

First of all, congratulations for developing an amazing game.
I came with a suggestion.
Everybody understands why the character cant move with too much weigth. Its not a problem. But its very boring when you have to ride the ox only to move a few meters or inches. You can develop a system when the character with to much weight riding a ox can down the ox, leaving the weight to Buy Albion Online Gold. The ox will stay in that place and character will be able to move in a normal speed only in a area of a few meters around the ox. The character will have access to all the itens on the ox. If the character wants to move forward that area, he will need to ride on the ox again. It will resolve the problems in the farm and collecting resourses.