If adults choose to swear, it is not your place to say that they can’t. I understand why you would want such a filter for your younger players, but grown adults who choose to swear should not be coddled and should have the option to choose whether they want swear words filtered or not.

Adults will choose to swear regardless of whatever filters exist in the game, all a censor does is give motive for people who swear to bypass the Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold, which is why it should be entirely optional as it is in many other games. This way any perceived benefits of a filter can remain in tact for those who might hypothetically benefit from it, whilst others will not have the incentive to try and bypass a filter as there will be none on their end. All parties benefit.

Wouldn’t a kid be complaining about swear words and want a filter??? Trust me, I’ve encountered a bunch of kids complaining about swear words.

I said a few and some kid was all like “you can’t say those words, I’m not allowed to say them so you shouldn’t say them”. Of course, with terrible grammar instead.

I like what you are saying, OP. The filter should be optional not mandatory. People are just going to bypass it, like you said, and it filters out words that aren’t even bad (at least most filters do with Riders of Icarus Gold). Like assumption becomes ******** in some instances where there is a filter. Not sure about the one in game. I’ll have to test it out.

Filters tend to go one of two ways: The first way is they censor a few known words and variants and people find the words that aren’t censored or they find unconventional ways of spelling them. ( 3 as “e”, @ as “a” for example.) This means that the filter is barely effective at stopping swearing when people are determined to swear. Swearing is a form of expression and when people feel their expression is being surpressed they will find alternative ways to express themselves. Including bypassing the filter so they can say vulgar things for whatever reason.

The second way is they go overboard, (such as the filters in games like Roblox) censoring entire statements because part of the statement might have an expletive or a word that could incite controversial topics, such as the word “jewish” which leads to a dysfunctional chat that looks like a bunch of people spamming “###########”, at which point there is no reason to have a chat system at all.

Making the censor optional is always the best route, as it keeps the censor in place for overbearing parents who want their children coddled with Icarus Gold, whilst allowing adults to communicate as adults do to one another without incentivising people to bypass the censor in order to do so. Nexon’s current system just reeks of ignorance.