I’ve recently tried to play on my phone – thought it would be much worse, fps is playable even in town. BUT what i didn’t like – it is really annoying that you can’t see what is under your finger/palm when you are holding finger to keep on walking in certain direction (rather to click all the time like a jerk).

So i thought maybe developers could make invisible joystick for movement right on top of the chat. Chat isn’t active until you click chat button, so it wont be an issue here. Most of game time i found myself doing movement things and it’s really not comfortable when most of game time i can’t see half of screen.

Second thing – standard settings for PC interface size is too small (Hard to read chat for example), so i made it like on tablet. It works for albion online gold shop,but if i’m typing something into chat, chat’s textbox is getting overlapped by ‘Q’ ability button, so i can’t see the very end of what i’m typing, when i type more then couple of words.

Third – when i played on my phone (it’s around 5.5′ i believe) – i couldn’t hit logout(or exit world, whatever) button from the context menu of settings – it is just tooooo small. I tried it like 10 times, no effect. Closed it with app termination finally.

4th – It is really not cool that i can’t choose what resource i want to gather if there are many of them overlapping each other. There is a situation that happend – i found tree to chop – mob appeared (he didn’t allow me to gather) – i killed him under the tree – tried to gather the tree, but my character started to gather skin from corpse – another player finally appeared and started to gather MY tree while i was busy taking skin. I lost the tree because of this thing.

5th – Sometimes entrances to the another location are not working until you need buy albion online gold.(even if you are standing right where it must teleport you.)

6th – Really hate that i have to search for close button to close the UI layers on PC. Isn’t it more comfortable to do it with right click like it was in UO?

Maybe i forgot something else…