I mean, those last 3 points were basically just the 3 least useful points imo. I try putting 2 more points into lotus fury for +1 second of resist, another point in Tab for grab escape, another point in throwing mine for -1 chi cost, 2 points into bolt strike for re-stealth, etc. None of those are honestly ‘core’ for me in the dark build, so it’s just whatever. As soon as I get my LB HM today, i’m going to shift 2 points into LB hongmoon (can’t decide whether I want more crits or an extra poison stack, i guess i’ll play around with both and see).

I feel like I have too many points and not enough useful things to get R4PG BNS Gold. That will change after I get HM Decoy, but that seems to be a ways away unfortunately.

They are not core ofc yes but 1 point more on poison bomb, 1 in shadowless step and especially the points in lotus are more useful to put into instead of woodblock don’t you think so? Especially tier 3 woodblock…

With the new buff to sin and lightning build becoming stronger, is there much reason that dark build would be stronger? Unless you’re soloing a true vision boss or are taking in a party where a boss has true vision for some reason and can’t stay in stealth, is there much reason to use dark build? Aside from preference ofc. It seems rather difficult to constantly keep 5 stacks of poison up atm so wouldn’t lightning be more consistent if you want to get BNS Power leveling where you weren’t tanking?

Once you get LB HM skill it’s not so difficult anymore.
Also Fighting spirit and soulburn give you free 5 poison stacks.

But other then that I simply prefer it because anicanceling RB+LMB+F seems so much smoother/faster than RB+F+4 (especially in places with more people or more laggs dungeons).