Got my Poh bopae set and belt. Stuck on progressing my weapons and accessories until Moonwater Transformation Stones become more common (or I pick up the recipe by luck). Will probably just try to save up BNS Gold for the future.

Also working on my PvP skills. Managed to get to 1700~ Elo in 1v1. Feeling pretty good about that. I’m still not good enough to hang with the plats, but I’m working on it. I was in the 1600-ish range during CBT. I feel like the CBT players were generally more skilled than the headstart players have been. Makes sense, since they’re obviously the most dedicated players who likely played the KR/CN/JP/TW versions.

I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Not to worry, though – I’ll put in the time.

In other news, my BD has managed to steal aggro from absolutely everybody. All reports of weak BD PvE DPS have been overblown. These guys are monsters in the right hands.

Well, PVE wise I am leveling 4 characters together, while doing my usual “lets clear the steam backlog of games” thing, so that’s going ultra slow.
Nothing new there, though. It’s what I normally do.

PVP wise has been pretty easy depending on the classes I’m facing. As Lv 19 Destroyer, I was only a few points from R4PG BNS Gold Store in less than an hour (1v1). But got bored pretty quickly. Destroyer at 19 with almost no skills will do that, though.
So I’ll come back to PVP later on, once I’m more focused on one class.