What is the point of this argument.
Yes, yes, we all know that the game is still in testing. AO Silver
were also lead to believe that the game was much closer to release than it actually is. I know for a fact I didn’t want to drop $100 to beta test a game for a year and have to keep up premium (it is required if you don’t want to be wasting your time clicking rocks) for the entire time on my own dime.

I paid $100 and thought the beta test would last 3 months and initially the price for premium with in game money was a non-issue. The extension of beta to 10 months broke all of that. The game will likely not come out until 2017 now IMO. I need to see some evidence of success before I invest any more time or money into it.

Your self entitlement attitude is ridiculous…

1. I am a casual player that is not going to grind 1.3 million silver (probably WAY MORE now), just to buy one month of premium status..
Win PvP sell other peoples gear for easy silver!

2. Yes i could buy gold and just buy premium status with gold (much like a monthly sub in most games) and get premium back easily.
Good to know you have a basic understanding of this?

3. I am not going to do that after dropping 100 bucks on a game that is in beta that is not guaranteed to succeed. I AM BETA TESTING YOUR GAME not doing some grindfest just to hold premium so Buy Albion Online Gold
dont have to work 4 times harder for fame.
Ok then don’t, Non premium needs to be tested too ya know?

4. Once the game is released I would be happy to pay a monthly fee for premium if the fun is right in the game.
Then stop bitching and be the 1%er testing Non Premium until then!