I did see a difference. Not something like I faceroll 45 mobs now,but enough to know that I gained power.

When I was 45, I could not solo even Brightstone Ruins, mainly because my ping is very high and my attacks are 3X slower as a BM than someone with 20-30 ms latency.
Now, I can solo them, so there you go.

Another example is – When Silverfrost launched, Blade-Soul went to Soulstone Plains and tried to kill the 8 mobs for quest. Got my ass handed to me. But for the last 2 days, I am doing perfectly fine.

Hint – Evolve your Bracelet to Awakened Oathbreaker. Does not take much and gives shit ton of AP and Crit.

I’ve definitely noticed a big improvement in my abilities to fight enemies in the silverfrost region now vs when i first got there.

Even putting aside the stats, the sheer amount of extra skill points you’d get from going 45+5 to 50+10 should make a very noticeable difference in your playstyle and available build choices, depending on your class at least.
It allows some classes that were shoehorned into being one trick ponies to build up into a more well rounded & capable fighter.

At 45+5, i personally had a lot of skills / quality of life improvements that i couldn’t pick due to a lack of skill points and the higher level cap’s done a great deal to alleviate this, even tough i’m not at 50+10 yet ~