If you wanna do it only for the profit it would be theoretically most efficient to lvl up until 40ish and then lvl up 2alts (while continuing to lvl your craftings on the main too – assuming you already did that parallel to the lvling grind; since the guy in the guide anyways does this too since the “first time” gatherings provide you a nice XP at all times).

This means:

– Rush to lv ~40ish (might do 41 or 42 depending on how you actually lvl’d.
– While doing so, grab your main crafting and gathering guilds (after milking all the guilds for the first gathering XP as suggested in the guild). Level up your crafting as much as you can while lvling up – so that you are as close as possible to Buy Blade And Soul Gold to craft the stuff you need to upgrade ur weapons at lv 40+ (Mainly Moonwater Evolve stones, since if you wanna be ahead of others – and at headstart you will be – there will be no stones to buy in the AH thus you have to craft them.)

– This is where the alts come in (if you play solo): only with your main you won’t be able to craft the stuff you need – because you need mats from other guilds too. Unless you have 2 more people who level up the other crafting and gathering guilds requiered to craft Moonwater Evolve stones simultaniously to ur own craft lvling, you will have to create at least 2 alts and level them up to around ~35-40 (not sure) to so they can access the parts of the map where they have to gather the “First timers” for lv3 crafting (which is required for Moonwater Evolve stones).

So let’s say you’r a Solo player. For profits and efficiency’s sake you will obviously not trade or buy mats with/from others. This means you will create 2 alts for the needed Crafting/Gathering skills. You will need around ~12h (depending on how experienced you are) for the main to reach ~40-41, then around 10-12 on each of the alts depending on the real level needed to acces the parts of the map as I said earlier. This adds up to around 36H, probably more tho because you are human and not a bot therefore bio-breaks for eating/taking a shit are needed (I think most people can go beyond 36h without sleep so i’m not gonna point that out).

Logically while leveling your alts your main will reach the Craft lvl required to craft the ingredients needed (at least the part the main can do) for the Evolve stones. While you level your 2nd alt your main can already be crafting his part while your 1st alt reaches the craft lv required to craft his part of the ingredients. And by the time your 2nd alt reaches the point where he can start crafting your main will be finished, and your 1st alt will at the very least have started crafting his part and be through a couple of hours already. 2nd Alt starts now crafting his part for the Evolve Stones.

Given that all of them are now finished with their Blade And Soul Power leveling parts of crafting the MW Evolve Stone (which is kinda unrealistic since just gathering the Correct Log already takes 20h and should therefore be either on your main or the 1st alt, then the refiner costs 12h to create – if we slightly overlap the times by a couple of hours maybe you get away with 28-30h at this point. And then creating the Evolve Stone itself costs 24h.) you could/should start getting the stuff together you need to upgrade your accesoires if you didn’t do it along the way – which you probably didn’t.