Your GPU, no matter how powerful, is not what you should be looking at. Hell, back in 2012 in KR B&S, my GTX 460 SE ran this game at 1080P/60 FPS in relatively empty areas. That’s a sub 100 USD GPU with a Phenom II 4x core 3.8 GHZ, another sub 100 USD piece of hardware.

My more current system is nearly 10x more powerful than that and the performance is nearly identical, except for higher resolution being present.

This is why NCSOFT went with UE3. Because on shit systems, without crowds, it performs well. We all know the vast majority of users, are still using old as hell hardware. It’s not a brainer why they thought this would be a brilliant idea.

In crowded areas this backfired on them as UE3 destroys performance no matter how powerful your system is cheap Blade & Soul Gold. The engine was never designed to handle MMO or anything with excessive crowds/events happening all at once as far as I know.

TERA and Nexus was the biggest example of just how bad UE3 is for large scale events.

On my system, it literally dropped FPS to 1-10; the lowest I’ve seen in any game, ever.

So please guys, is not that I don’t want it to be fixed. Is that it can’t be fixed, not anymore. We have to look at the problem with realistic solutions.

The only realistic solution here is to upgrade your CPU to the biggest, highest core clock number you can or overclock if you have the experience. That or of course, move on to another game.