Except that line of argument has absolutely nothing to do with the complaint. The poster made no mention of the prices of anything at all. For all anyone knows, the poster got an early Merry Potter recipe and was able to advance relatively simply by paying the prices. The poster might have had to save in game gold from dailies and play the market. The poster might have only gotten the True Siren because of the significantly lowering costs of moonwater trans stones.

The complaint was about a player that played the game feeling that his Blade & Soul Gold was cheapened by adding cash shop short cuts. And the response was nonsensical.

I understand people have differing opinions about things, but it would be very nice if people didn’t attempt to dismiss the opinions of someone else based on an argument completely irrelevant.

But the prices going down still effectively “cheapens” his achievement. It’s an inevitable consequence. By rushing for it you basically are sacrificing the convenience of having things being much more accessible at a later time, in return for being one of the first to have it. I don’t see how that’s dismissing his argument, just offering a valid counterpoint.

To clarify further, what I’m trying to say is the prices were already going down quickly anyway and while the rng boxes did have an effect I’m not convinced the effect was so huge as for it to be worth getting worked up over.