Ok guys, I’ve been playing for about 3 days, and I already see some flaws, here are a few I would like to se changed / removed / added before final release.

#1. Most ore nodes look the same, whether they are T2, 3, or 4, I can never tell the difference until It’s too late, so more variety in the tiers of ore nodes would be nice.

#2. Horse variety. All horses ( excluding explorer’s) are grey. it would be nice to see a few color varieties such as brown, white, black, green?? (sorry guys).

#3. less grindy. I know it’s an MMORPG, but some toned down destiny board requirements would be much appreciated. I mean, do you really need 150,000 fame just to refine some ore?

#4. more neutral mob variety. currently, the only neutral mobs are bunnies foxes, wolves, boars, and bears. some other types of monsters would be nice. deer maybe, (for cosmetic stuff xD)

#5. improved auction system. The auction is a mess currently,(no offense) it is VERY glitchy, and numerous times I’ve been cheated out of a few items (my horse. R.I.P ben……) Also, it is very confusing. There is no help, no guide to hold your hand as you are trust into an abyss of numbers and stocks, supply and demand…… so plz. don’t change the auction, just fix it.

that’s all the problems I could see, other than those, VERY good job, SBI

you can tell the type of ore by the color it is, i have no problem identifying which is which. i will say it was weird at first though.

Horse colors change upon tiers, tier 4 isnt grey, the only reason you see grey horses is because they are all T3

The high fame requirement is required to prevent flooding of auction house and making ores useless since only the dedicated will get there (and reap the rewards)

i agree auction needs work.