Hello my friend.

please accept my apologies. You were followed by three red flagged Vendetta players nothing changed in your behavior you started gathering empty nodes. It just looked suspicious.

But to phrase it in other words: your death was unavoidable.

The GMs (like myself) were summoned to have a look since to everyone you looked like a bot. And if I see someone in a pvp zone who might be suspicious I will always ask other players around to kill him. Sorry for that but its part of the game in general.Just to repeat: You would have died anyway. They just waited to show it to me.

Sorry if this was confusing but maybe if you would have reacted in anyway, even stopping your gathering route and saying something while 3 red flagged people are following you with GMs. Sorry if we are mistaken here but from our perspective it was suspicious.

Kind regards,

thank you for all the answers and the reason i wasn’t answering is that i was with my guild tab and if i pick empty metal nodes i’s that sometimes i don’t see the difference so i prefer to check (i ll try to avoid that in the future lol)

I’m going to ignore the rest of this discussion, and weigh in on this particular point.

Some background: I’m a steam controller users, which means I am playing with a gamepad rather than a keyboard and mouse. I don’t particulary care if this usage is support or not, that’s what I do and that’s how I enjoy playing games. Since I am unable to respond when people chat with me (other than extreme cases where I walk to the other room to sit down and use the keyboard), I generally keep most of the chat tab options disabled.

That said, if a GM speaks it *should* be shown regardless of my settings, and if I do see the messages and it’s clear that they are from a GM, I would prompty walk to safety, then stand still / unmount / whatnot while I get my ass over to the other room so I can reply.

Just making the point that GMs aught to give me time, I play this casually for fun, and I take my sweet time getting stuff done. (also, I don’t mind repetetive tasks and occasionally click on resources that are out, partculary ores, since they’re so darned hard to see their status on.)