Our Resource Territories In Albion

Honestly the idea of most GvGs being over what is basically just a warcamp, and the rest being over town territories is horrible. There is no reason to have more than 1 or 2 town territories in a certain color of zone, you get more AO Silver. Being able to fight for a mine/forest/essence territory and have the benefit of being able to safely harvest resources that are often full was a great reward. GvGs are fun and all but other than just trying to own as many territories as possible to sate your ego, there really won’t be any reason to hold them at all. Maybe one town to get the resource bonus, unless they do away with that too

What? No more resource territories? Man, I was excited about this update until I heard about the removal of reforge and the ability to change item abilities at any time, making GvGs black zone only, was so-so about the removal of the territory barrier, and now this garbage.

Yeah, I’ve got to agree with you. A huge part of the fun of GvG was fighting for control over resources. If I’m in a guild, and we have a territory with a bunch of upgraded buildings, why would I want to go fight to own another building territory? Feels like they’ve just ruined GvG.

I mean, I’ll give this way a chance… But I’m not optimistic.

Nobody was using resource territories to gather resources anyway. Only essence and farm territories were of any value this test. Forest, stone, cemetery – nobody was using them for “resources” they provided. They just worked as a stepping stone to launch gvg(that function remains) and as a safe haven for controlling guild. Safe haven function is removed, you can argue if thats correct change, but it does have merit.

Devs mentioned removal of essence territories(not sure about it, it seems for now they still exist) and as far as farms go barrier or not you cannot gather if you want to get albion online gold. Same applies to essences if they are here to stay after all.

My alliance uses all of our resource territories, they’re definitely not enugh to completely supply you but they do really help, since you can almost always find full resource nodes there it’s a nice guaranteed way to get some resources. Honestly I think they should buff resource territories instead of just cutting them out of the game.