Not true if you go look at pts forums there are tons of bug report posts. Yes some people do main it but there are some players that actually test for and report bugs. Hopefully they will do something about this as this is no where near the first time huge bugs have made it through the pts even though they were reported.

PTS is not for fixing the game nor testing. This is evident as a vast majority of the posts about bugs just get ignored. I don’t blame the users who main PTS anymore as the devs just really don’t care about the state of the server either through the Trove Flux for sale. If you look through the forum it is clear that most of the issues we are now having have already been reported. The server is pointless, the forum is useless, and the devs do not care.

They have said in the past that they are trying to make the server a proper testing platform, but it looks like that is no longer the case. I don’t like being a pessimist but when nothing good comes from the PTS their words mean very little. They have to prove through actions and this is a perfect example that they are unwilling to do so.

We’re working to get these current bugs fixed as quickly as possible. Having them make it to live is not something we take lightly. We’re reevaluating the PTS processes we have in place to make sure we catch these things earlier and keep them from hitting live servers.

Whether or not they read the PTS forum is fairly a moot point. Even if they did read them, we get things on PTS a week before the go to buy trove items. A week is hardly enough time to find causes and fix bugs.

It did hurt me around a year ago when the game rushed over beta and went live after few weeks. I guess its not the devs fault, but the moneypeople behind. Happens everywhere in thise years, that good things is rushed throug the making in the name of fast profit. When Trove dies the moneypeople rush of for new profit, destroying another game. I will gladly go back to the old gameaccess model Pay more for access and enter a full finished, working game.

Reevaluate PTS is right because you guys do not read what is over there at all nor have a QA team. It would have taken 10 minutes (at most) to see that the PTS version was not fit for Live but it went through anyway. While I appreciate that you guys are working on fixing the bugs, this should have been solved long before. PTS does need to be fixed, but how the devs view PTS needs to be fixed more.

Well there has already been a hotfix to fix issues, though I haven’t really bothered to attempt to play much. Of course there are still going to Buy Trove Flux with be long standing issues that haven’t been fixed too such as crashes and disconnections to the server that won’t allow you to reconnect unless you reopen the client. I so share disappointment in how a lot of games seem to ignore or neglect important QoL issues.