There used to be interaction between players and devs with little to no downtime. Devs answered to us directly rather than just to a camera on a livestream. They felt more like people and less like the robots they are today (with the exception of a few of them.)

I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on this game, made costumes and mounts, and you know what? I actually kind of regret all of it. Back then I was proud to have something with my name on it in a game that I enjoyed and the Cheap Trove Flux. However, seeing what this game has become has turned that pride into shame.

I didn’t want to quit this game, I was really on the edge. Mantle of Power gave the final push and frankly, it felt less like a push and more like a violent shove. Seeing the INSANE and INTENTIONAL RNG in gems was positively infuriating. I thought you were trying to avoid luck in progression with the new forging system, and that was a great step. Then you decide to take a hot, steaming dump all over that step with Gems. You practically buried it ten feet deep and buried it in cement.

You keep saying, “We’re listening, we’re listening.” I listen to stuff all the time and don’t address it. Then again, I’m not a gaming company with tens of thousands of people to please, so that’s one thing I’ve got going for me. What’s the excuse on Trion’s end?

Gem karma and and moving health regen to another tanky stat is not what the community has been asking for. The entire gem system is painful and unrewarding. This game will be shelved for me unless the gem system is reworked completely. Most gems that drop are absolute garbage and the RNG to upgrade them is unacceptable.

Adding Gem karma and making the health regen stat more beneficial, or removing it from Gems, are requests from the community to Buy Trove Flux. If those aren’t the first changes you wanted that’s fine. You’ll have another chance to like a change as we continue to adjust the system.

Some of the changes we want to make are easier than others. Rather than waiting until we can build new technology into the game to make any adjustments we’re going to give players some of the stuff they’ve been asking for in the interim.

What was mentioned on the livestream wasn’t the end of the discussion. There will be more info posted in this thread and discussed in future livestreams as we make additional changes.