With the new dino tamer class being released early for people who buy the prehistoric pack, came a lot of changes. Especially in pvp. The complaint i hear from most people is that the dino tamers ultimate makes capturing the flag too easy. While this may be true the dino tamers ultimate isnt even the biggest problem in pvp. Your main concern is its nets. When stepping into the net the poison damage takes Chunks of your Hp, and the poison effects you even long after youve escaped the range of the net to buy trove flux online. I really think both the dino tamers ultimate and its net ability should be nerfed for PvP. Outside of pvp the dino tamer is fine, even more then that, hes great. But in pvp i believe he should be nerfed. Thank you for your time in reading this.

The net is the only skill able to kill a player so i dont think it needs a nerf. If you nerf both Net damage + ultimate then the class will not be able to kill or capture the flag, why would someone uses it ?
a lots of classes are already overpowered (candy barbarian ultimate, pirate captain ultimate, revenant ultimate) especially when the critical damage is On.
But i have to agree about the speed (DT ulti), it needs a nerf. I also noticed that the ice sage ultimate and his M1 skill, juggernaut flask doesnt slow/freeze the mount (intended ?).

To make PVP better, they need to improve the hitbox. even if you perfect dodge the Net, the candy B ulti, candy B 1 skill, Rev ulti, you are dead.

I’ve been playing Trove a bit more recently, and, after some games in PvP, it’s come to my attention that Dino Tamer is ridiculously OP because it deals over 50k dmg with a clever trap with Buy Trove Flux. This means that it 1-shots every class in the game except for a knight with his ultimate on. Please tell me if you guys are also seeing this issue.

I’ve seen rev survive it, but yes it is broken. Though if it gets nerfed, I could see it being bad if they do something about the mount too. Better than outclassing everything though. What makes things worse is xp level affecting stats so newbies get wrecked, and some may get put off and not play anymore meaning longer queues.

My main complaint about the dino tamer is how the dinosaurs each have different abilities but you get them through RNG. There’s honestly no point making them have different abilities if you can’t choose different dinos for the situations you’re in. For example, it would be much better if you could choose and then say “There’s a big group of enemies here so I’ll control them with a stun dino” or “I’m quite low on health so I’ll spawn a tank dino to take it the damage for me” but it ends up being “Oh good I spawned an attack dino and now I’m dead because I took too much damage”