Being a 7 year veteran UO player, when I first saw this game and all the stuns, snares and stupid CC bullshit, I quickly realized how totally fucking lame it was going to be for solo and small group pvp players since winning will so often be about which party has more or better cooldowns to blow rather than player skill with Albion Online Silver. I stayed away for a long time until a friend finally convinced me to buy.

Ultima Online got it right. Why can’t you guys just do what they did instead of trying to design a hardcore full loot pvp game for retards and casuals? If you attempt to cater to hardcore pvpers and casuals at the same time you will lose both.

I’m not a spell designer but it’s not hard to tell that Albion has ZERO skillcap, as soon as you get a new weapon you’ve mastered it.

why albion pvp sucks:

1: The freaking fact they’ve decided releasing the game for tablet users, showing they don’t give a crap about PC users.. it’s literally impossible to chose which target to attack if 2 players stand next to eachother, even if you click on a specic player their shîtty code will target the other person.

2:Many weapons has similar spells. “use Q three times so it stacks up then use E for max damage. It’s so dull and nothing creative in it, zero skills.

3. Too many support/tank spells Cheap Albion Online Gold: if you make the most stupid decision it’s no problem, you can just use 2 shields + double your health = now you’ve got 7k hp.
also, tank spells should ONLY be for tanks, too many use them at the moment making duels/wars long and boring.

3: channeling spells: the idea is fine, but there’s weapons that pretty much only focus on channeling. how lazy and uncreative is the creator/s of those weapons.