BAKA didn’t own our territory for long in this beta and we didn’t really contest, so I guess disclaimer this bit is predominantly going to be speculation based off past experiences.

Last beta it was possible for a single zone to have as many as 8 territories, those territories could be any kind including a village territory. Last beta I was in a small guild of about 40 people at best, most of which were gatherers and crafters. We lived out of a Red Zone that had 6 territories, 2 of which were villages, called Tatterwash. When we inevitably ended up going to war with the group that held the village on the opposite side of the zone, I remember there being constant fights flashing up all across the zone of all sizes. I remember a caravan ambush turning into a 20v20 brawl which we were the victors, I remember just minding my own business picking some flax and 1v1ing a roamer from the enemy side and having to hold my ground. The war in Tatterwash wasn’t exactly earth shattering, but it was a small group against a small group confined to a little, albeit a not valuable, zone where PvP was an almost constant option. Fighting against who we were fighting against truly felt like a war both in the open world and in the GvG’s and finally taking the whole of Tatterwash really felt like an accomplishment that the entire guild felt.

Looking at the map now, I see nothing but 300-500 man guilds if not 800 man alliances dominating entire portions of the map. The smallest village owning guild that I see on the map right now is Finstack with 81 members and an impressive 26 territories. Aside from that, no other small scale guild really owns any villages that I can see at a glance and if there are they’re probably so deep into the black that the logistics of moving through the blob owned zones in between must be an absolute nightmare. Even the larger and zerg guilds have to travel for almost hours just to entertain the prospect of MAYBE finding a gank, and even farther to find an actual fight if they don’t live near a city.

The current layout of territories plays far too much into massive zerg guilds being able to spread their influence much too far. Even Aegis last beta was contained relatively well in 2-3 zones. It makes it nearly impossible for smaller groups to even think about competing, and very little reason to even try. As it stands, my guild of just a few active members have three options if we ever want to consider owning a village within our timezone; the quickest being using one of the 2 mercenary camps in our entire timezone in which we must win a farm, and then follow it up with 3 consecutive wins against this

My guild has maybe 30 active people. Maybe.
If not this, we are forced to go on a campaign across several zones, only taking useless and hardly worth keeping forest zones or w/e those are, just to get a shot at attacking a farm, then the village, during which we have to support logistics against blob level gate camps which can’t ever hope to fight at our size. With zones being as ridiculously large as they are now, I think having multiple village zones and more territories to tarpit the zerg guilds so smaller groups can thrive and have zone become active warzones for awesome PvP content would be a pretty sick deal.

It’s currently just not worth the effort that we would have to go through, against the odds we would be against, just to more then likely get blobbed so hard we couldn’t even reach our territories to actually do anything. Why would I want to drag my face through the 3-4 laughably useless forest territories just for the prospect of maybe being able to attack a village belonging to a guild 6 times our size? It’s just not worth the time.

idk I’m just a small gang PvPer, I miss this game focusing on smaller groups like it was advertising for, so maybe I’m a bit bias. vOv