I’ll state that I know the developers are limited to what they can do given that they want this game to be playable on handheld devices, that being said I just can’t get over how tedious much of the game mechanics feel. Doing anything in this game is just a long boring grind to get to the top tier gear / weapon wise, and once there it’s a matter of placing yourself in a guild situation where you can hold onto what you need / want to be able to maintain building gear for. I can somewhat get into the whole free market economy thing they have going on + the potential to own a shop in a populated city… but beyond that the combat in general lacks any sort of skill due to gear being the determining factor in the majority of conflicts.

  • Collect “X” / “Y” / “Z” resources to make “V” gear.

Collecting resources is boring, more so when you take into account all the safe zones at the start of the game + end game zones being dominated by zerg guilds that if worth their weight can protect their zones of interest. Just walk around and click on things to collect.

  • Full Loot PvP in a game where player skill is at an all time low

No matter what these developers do there will always be the “cookie cutter” builds of the patch that people follow for making a PvP character due to certain weapons / armour abilities having an upper hand. In Darkfall it was possible to 1v”X” due to player skill being a huge factor at end game… this game just doesn’t have that due to how it was / is designed. When you have countless topics complaining about how most of the PvP they encounter is 1v10+ guys there is a HUGE problem with how the system works. Darkfall you could at least escape if you were skilled enough… the key word being SKILLED.

  • Levelling up tiers by means of kill “X” amount of creatures of the tier you are at…

Do I really need to explain why this is a boring method of levelling up tiers? It’s mostly mindless and feels like a chore.

  • Lower tier items 1 – 3 month after launch will be worthless to any dedicated players that have gotten to using higher tier gear…

Crafting gear in this game is all about getting up to that maximum tier. Lower tier items are only made for levelling purposes and after “X” amount of time those lower tier items will serve no purpose other than to supply players that just started playing the game. I would again like to mention Darkfall, while it is true much of the higher end crafted gear is used more often… much of the lower grade gear is used because it provides certain benefits to certain playstyles.


I’ll still be playing at launch because I bought into the game, but as a hardcore PvP fan I feel a little dirty saying that if I do play this game long term it’ll be due to the economy features and the idea of owning a shop somewhere that I can maintain. I really don’t know what they can do to make the game more interesting… but right now I’m just not feeling it.