I’ve been the biggest proponent of this argument from day 1 of the first alpha. Most of the dark fall community and other hardcore pvp gamers agree. Sadly the zerg culture is so engrained and such a vast majority of the playerbase relishes in it’s simplicity and how easy it makes the game that I don’t know what can be done about it.

I proposed refuting the proposed changes to quality of life for guild leaders with stuff like chest/bank permissions and roles/rights/access etc. The reality is that the cumbersome guild management UI/permissions setup is the only actual anti-zerg mechanic thats ever been in the game and the only reason these guilds have to not just enroll mass numbers off the forums.

I think the topdown/moba/camera stuff is a lot of the reason albion hasn’t adopted that df mentality of “hey it’s only 1 guy let me 1v1”, you simply don’t have the reaction time to stay on people for such long distances with no Albion Online Silver. If you don’t engage/chain cc immediately they will be gone for good.

Ya I mean, you chase one guy, and 30 are on your screen in one second and there is zero counter play. Maybe increase the zoom out, or better yet, Add a UO mechanic, names pop at edge of screen BEFORE they are on your screen to give you a buffer. That might be the best idea.

Most discouraging thing for me is being out doing whatever and seeing one guy in some monster alliance that I can’t chase cause it’s 99.9% likely i’ll just plow into 30 of them.

I like that a lot. I also liked the idea of mulitple party members slowing each other in close quarter or even blocking each other. Friendly fire would also be a nice add on to test with.

Rep system hasn’t helped with ‘yellow’ zone ganking in the slightest.

Another idea. Healing a KO’ed player should make it quicker for them to get more Albion Online Gold.
Being ‘high honor’ should allow you to get out of KO faster.

I’d like to play a ‘nice and helpful’ healer when walking around. Not see someone on there knee’s and run because I know there’s going to be a ambush. I’d love to be able to help them get up and keep alive, scareing off the bandits just outside the city gates.

If you see a zerg in redzone next to the city, tell every single player with reputation that they should get naked and charge at them.
Keep doing it!
Either you punch them to dead, or they wont be able to enter the zone for a long time.

Keep up the good fight.