The problem with this scenario is that 50% of the land mass is now black zones. The problem is that the highest content and resources are only in these black zones. The problem with this is that only territories, which are meant for 5 man GvG, are only in these black zones.

The black zones are indeed the playgrounds for the zergs. However, they didn’t quite think this map through entirely.

p.s. nothing is stopping the zergs from zerging us on the royal islands either. How’s that for fun?

You missed the part where I literally said AND EVEN fights…

The black zones FIT this in the previous version of the game, the map completely changed so the rules should add more safe albion online silver too. Majority of the map is black zone, that has not been the case at all in previous tests. They also moved guild territories out of the other zones and only in black zones, again this is new to this test.

I’m not surprised to see you defending zerging though…
I don’t want to eliminate LARGE scale fights. I want to eliminate the fights where a zerg engages on a group of lesser numbers that doesn’t stand a chance against them because they are simply bringing more people.

The thing is no top end guild is going to go roam on those islands. Remember you don’t always have to fight. There are so many escapes now you shouldn’t get caught by a big group. Maybe try to get your guild into a bigger alliance or get into a bigger guild.

50% more mostly because the core of the playerbase is into larger scale PvP and there is the need for lots of room. The more land there is to travel the more the zergs have to spread out. Also I assume when you mention the highest Albion Online Gold you are talking about Tier 8 because Tier’s 2-7 are all located in the royal lands and don’t forget too that there is no tier 2 resources at all anywhere in the black zones aside from what you can earn via a laborer once every 22 hours.

I will however say that when it comes to the 5 man GvG’s only being available in the black zones that is a problem that has been discussed a lot. The devs I think have been trying to come up with other options whether its arenas, maybe another continentent or something to help give other guilds who cannot substain in the black zones a chance to practice and engage in 5v5 battles. So far though I have no idea what they may decide on but I do agree that is an issue.

Also it would be nice to have more PvE content in the green zones like better raid bosses or something.