However it would be great if you considered a premium model that covers the whole account. Make premium cost like 50% more and be available for all account characters. As far as I know there is a limit of 3 characters totally per account? Why not reduce it to two chars and there we go.

You still make reasonable profit and the soft subsciption would be a real subsciption and make sense. On the other hand… I do understand your intentions ofc. CCP is also making ppl pay with PLEX or EUR/USD for a second character within the account that is receiving skill training while offline. In sum your business modell is okay and not the biggest construction site imho. There are more important issues regarding the game right now I d say .

Cash -> Gold -> Silver
Some whales may spend a lot of Albion Online Silver, but they are still limited by what is on the market initially.For the most part, they will be bank sitters with their fancy gear playing in safe zones or dueling.Those that are in big guilds will use the initial money to jump start horse/ox or buying of territories.As the game ages, those that spend money has an easier chance to ‘catch up’ than those who don’t.

This business model is reliant on initial buy in (pre-order/launch), whales/dedicated players that really enjoy the game, and steady influx of new players to replace those that drop.As the game matures, population will decline so will spending.In a full loot game, the most valuable possession is the character/skills not the item.

Oh my god…

I am able to get and have a substantial advantage in the game world by paying with real life money. Period. That is pay to win.If it was pay to play, with an across the board sub, then no one had an advantage.Who cares who is making the gear or harvesting the ore? I can use money to Buy Albion Online Silver in a player driven economy and use bank LPs to gain substantial advantage in tier progression and convert gold into cash.

The gold may not help as much in the first 24-48 hours after launch, but the founder horse and ox does. I spent money for that.The LPs do as well…who cares if you are saving them…everyone is, its called an alt.

real life money=serious advantage

What i think is: As long as you can buy gold for $ and with gold you can buy silver which can buy gear, yes, this is similar to a p2w game.
Not saying this is already p2w, but it can be turned into.My suggestion is to only sell vanity itens from website, which can be sold. Which itens stays on your choices. Cash for gold no, definitely not.

There are no difference between buying silver with gold or trading silver with gold from players. Albion online gold market has some instabilities but also has a constant growth guarantee.

I’d like to make an example: 1 newbie player, which have bought a Legendary Founder’s Pack and 100k Silver with his $ on website, let’s say he starts the game with some 110k gold and 0 silver. Even if this player plays a small part of his day, he still get a huge advantage from players that dont have gold. Why? Because when Gold -> Cash is on 100/1 he would have from 0 to 1kk silver in one day, which is not fair enough with people who grind 2 weeks to get t4 gear, he bought t4 gear in one day.

Thats obviously a p2w system. I remember reading something from you guys talking about leaving that system from buying Gold on website, am i remembering right?