This is just hands down retarded, went to go fight for a resource chest yesterday, a lot of groups there, we were excited for some meaningful PvP. Drop the first few people, and all of a sudden I’m perma-red, even though all the PvP was consensual and happened inside an “Unrestricted PvP Zone.”

If the PvP is unrestricted, then why the fuck are people still taking rep hits? This is about as consensual as you can get as far as PvP goes.

Right now the reputation system is just a wet soggy mess of bad ideas and half-implementations. For example, if I am red, and some one attacks and I fight back and kill them… that’s a rep hit. WTF?! For defending yourself you get rep hits?

Right now, the only thing the rep system does, is actively make the game less fun. Obviously there needs to Buy Albion Online Gold, that’s kind of a middle ground. UO managed to do it, with the flag/local flag system.

Why do you guys make a full loot PvP game, and then proceed to absolutely cripple PvP in every way imaginable to the point of where it’s just not even possible to do consensual PvP except for duels and some GvG.

I am curious as to why i dont see more post about this. I am taken aback a little bit by the lack of being able to access your personal islands in other towns. As a relatively solo player i started to play the game knowing at the very least i have my own personal island. Now i have it to t4 and wanted to move out of Honnister’s pass for bigger and better gear. but now i am being told i need to Buy Albion Online Silver on my lil island….. well it kind of kills it for me as a solo player. I spent a crap ton of time farming the materials for my shitty little buildings and scrounging up enough money to upgrade for more farming plots.

I understand guild islands being local even though i feel they shouldnt be. But personal islands are ment to be used for farming and flare. whats the harm in allowing access to them from any city?the problem owes its origin the ganking player groups. it is a protection to travel fast through the world while beeing fully equiped.if it would be possible to travel to your island from every city, the main part of the game would be broken. oxes wouldnt have no sense anymore even groupos to protect trading routes.

I would think a price + cool down timer between Island moves would counter any negatives and still allow for the positives of moving.