Hey I think the graphics are beautiful but there are a few KEY simple changes that can be made that would go a LONG way for game aesthetics.

1. Footprints. Adding footprints is a very small adjustment with a huge graphic feel for real graphic enthusiasts. In the snow, through the water with some splashing, mount footprints when riding them, etc. PLEASE make this change.

2. Character creation. Right now there is one facial style, two hair styles, and a few different skin shades. One facial style is NOT enough. The top left of screen face appears different, but the actual in-game face is the exact same, which shows really lazy design here am I’m not suprised managers aren’t telling their drawers to get back to work and give them their Albion Online Gold‘s worth. They’re cutting corners or simply being directed to make a cheap game, that shouldn’t be treated as such.

3. Cities. I have noticed that the starter cities are the EXACT same layout, just with different biomes. Same goes with upper cities, exact copies with different biomes. Try moving things around instead of making it feel no different from anywhere else…

Any other graphical ideas, and I wi add them to this post, but these are truly must adds.
The re-spawn rate is crazy atm. A 2 hour run through a yellow zone gave 150 sandstone and 50 travertine! Is this really how it should be? And it isn’t much better in the red zones. The game is still in beta, how will it be when it is released? The game is supposedly meant to be for small guilds and solo players as well as big PvP-guilds, but the way thing works now you need a big guild, to guard you, and go to the black zones to gather anything at all. It’s possible to buy the resources, but if you want to do that you would probably have to buy gold every single day. Is this the way you developers intend the game to be?

Everything geared towards the big guilds and drop the stupid solo-players and small guilds? In addition, the world is WAAAY to small. When you see 25+ players in most of the safe and yellow zones, in the beta, then there has to be something wrong. Guess the only solution would be to find an albion online gold shop where the different continents are at work or sleeping. For me, in Europe, that would probably be 6am (most US-players sleeping and most Asian players still at work).

When people said Albion had a MOBA influence on it I did not see what they meant until now. I am not a huge moba player, but I did my share of it.

My thought is, what if you added a faster location ping, for instance, “alt+double click or right click” to ping where you are. Double clicking mini map is good, but when you are going to get ganked, it would be nice for faster information then trying to say, “enemies at uummmm NWish, nvm I’m dead”

What about a alt+scroll up, down, left, right controls. I don’t know what that would look like, but for me a simple alt+right click would be a good way to relay info fast for immediate response.

Would love to here some hardcore MOBA players thought’s.