Just to make it clear: Albion gonna be b2p, there’s no subscription. And current founders don’t need to buy the access as it comes with founder pack.

First devs said its gonna be f2p.Now b2p?Imo can’t conquer with Black Desert as NOONE ever heard of SandBox Interactive.

Keep the price as it is so i guarantee game will be dead in few months after launch.And the second thing… You want Albion Online Silver for buying game ? its ok, but additional paying for premium if u want to use game’s all features? How did u come up with such stupid idea ?! …

They got enough money from us founders, whatever comes after is extra for future expenses.Also the gold system will be very appealing for those family parents(like me) that don’t have much grinding time and need to buy things .

Albion is attractive in a different way from Black desert, the 2.5 isometric view , cross platform ability, full loot on death and many others like crafting ,farming player driven economy.

As mentioned by devs they are not focusing on marketing right now because they have enough players atm to keep testing as soon as this game drops on mobile this thing goes viral.( I want play this from my sofa , or on my lunch break at work)

And I believe that Black Dessert will be the one dead after launch, since it is running in Korea and Russia f2p for quite a while and has no end game content. The hype is gone and all they have is a nice character customization.

I love how people start talking about game if they didn’t even played it.
Russia/Korea f2p works like: buy items from cash shop to become stronger. That’s bad.
European version works like: buy safe albion online silver to fully enjoy all features and spend money on just appearances.
Albion works like: buy game to… buy premium to enjoy all features and spend money on gold to be better.

And to be honest, according to the bolded part from ur quote, u have no fckin idea right? There was one game with so expansive economy, crafting and “many others”, ArcheAge, and since it became P2W (like the albion is now for me) ppl stopped playing this. Black Desert gonna be the game when theres no just economy/crafting/farming, but as well with hiring workers to do stuff, farming, even fckin dungeons, raids…