Hello i just want you to mind that, a player or guild to go inside a loyal city and *put money on albion online shop* in a tavern or i dont know maybe a wall and papers on it people come and look for jobs. So Headhunters or headhunter guilds maybe exist which would be funny i think..

So to prevent the abuse we should be able to hide names, maybe you can make a wearable cape that hide name and items on person.

I would also like to see bountyhunting which could also be related to the new criminal system. There is only one big problem and it might easily ruin the whole thing. This can be abused very easily with multi accounts or just with a friend to collect rewards. If there is a solution which prevents abusing, then hell yes for this.

I will march to OWPvP battles and hunt down despised criminals. I am tireless gatherer, dungeon raider, artifact collector and master crafter. Thats my role in the world where everybody matters.

will the footsteps of the mammoth thunder/shake the ground? (audiovisual)

that would be awesome I think.

anyone else agree?

In any case I think it’s good to add your albion online silver these little audiovisual effects.they will do so so much for the game if implemented right.

stuff like:
exaggerating the ambiance of the dungeons/caves.

exaggerating the ambiance of all the biomes.

make the ambiance of the swamp 110% swamp.
(frogs sounds and all that)

make the ambiance of the mountains 110% mountains. Etc. Etc.
(windy sounds etc.)

have city ambiance in the city.
(crafting sounds, citizens talking, the sounds of shop owners selling stuff, horses, oxes moving. Things like that.)

have wave sounds on Albion Online’s beaches/coasts.
(including the guild/personal islands)

what’s the idea about this?

it will make the game become even 110% more alive.