There is a lot of T5 materials trading going on in Smoky Bay for the simple reason that it is one of only two places in the game world that T5 gems and runes are generated. This naturally leads certain mid tier guilds to get more Albion Online Silver. And it naturally makes Smoky Bay and Brinkwold the places where gems and runes are cheapest.

In the cities near/in red territory, you will see more trade on T5 items and above. Again for a very simple reason: This is where people need high tier gear.

Most people misunderstand the flow of trade. They do this because they simply haven’t taken any sort of effort to think about how it all works: where materials are generated and where they are needed.

You don’t know where “most of the trade happens” simply because you can probably only craft T4-T5 gear. Try selling an 8.3 weapon in Kingsmarket. It won’t sell as easily there as it will in Heathenburgh.

Packages would solve the fast travel issue without removing it so long as the rewards for the trade tree were worth it and the cost of fast-travelling with goods was increased Albion Online Gold. Another help for fast-travel would be giving a heavy discount for equipped items when fast-travelling but making it so an equipped item cannot be sold (Either permanently after equpping, i.e. Soulbound, or for an hour after being unequipped). This would allow travelling for non-trade purposes but make trade travel far more economical by land.

Apart from this they need to make resources more abundant in different areas and dungeons for better trade. Certain areas of the map could have more resource spawns than others and certain dungeon monsters could have more of some runes and less of others.

The downside is how many people will put up with over-expensive fast travel when wanting to adventure when so many other games offer less downtime.

Currently this game does not have enough sandbox content that travel in itself is fun. You can’t set out to have an adventure because all the content in the game is gated by tiers and you generally pass content that you either out-level, under-level or simply is Albion Online Items
. If getting somewhere in itself was an experience we wouldn’t need fast travel at all.

Increasing the fast travel cost will simply mean everyone stays in the hub cities and never bothers to go anywhere else. Especially if all auction houses have the same tax and the cheapest stuff remains in the hubs too.