Had it in mind when playing the game on first day after some reading about zones. It will be an interesting implementation to intrigue the game system. I remember reading Players profile can flag to either to be friendly or hostile to Buy Albion Online Silver. If the player flag friendly but his actions was the opposite of his profile flag. Then, he will be a wanted man once he enter the main city. To be thrown into jail. This would probably have players who committed crimes with intent to stay out of the city or maybe form a thief guild. I don’t know. Just a thought.

yeah. Adding to that, the economy is interesting, i can see the gold value or currency fluctuate in the market like stocks

I already like the game to the extent i supported you guys by buying the beta version which i don’t do it. My initial concern was P2W structure. As i would always like to remind Good developers and games that i love not to fall into that system as oppose to the nature of hardcore and serious gamers that would like to achieve something that takes from skills not by paying to win. Naturally, you will get the support from serious gamers. We will support you if the game is not designed to p2w. It is very important. Like introducing skins or some other stuff. Games like dota & vainglory and mabinogi duel. I have supported even though is free to play and spend some 300+usd to support the game when i see there’s potential in it and not money leeching dev.

The company ‘Kabam’ in apps store. All of their games is free to play but with the structure of p2w. It’s not difficult to realize how the system work someday and once serious gamers discover the game structure with AO Gold. We leave. Many leave and their names is hard to erase from players not to play their games again. Alot of potential game fall for short sighted gains but lose the opportunity to go further and be the best in the market to offer to gamers.

Sorry for the longwinded and out of topic post. But i feel i need to say to you. Even i have been assured by the game news that AO change it’s initial stance on p2w . I read about the dev stance on the game and i have decided to go for it. I hope u guys stand firm on this.

Been logging in actively and actively playing the game. I guess will get more exposure first before giving a substantial feedback. Anyhow, i have last 3 questions at the moment;

1) Toggle movement around the map – at the moment, navigating the heroes movement; per click per designated spot.
Will there be a function in the future for clicking on the map, and the hero will auto move to the designated location?

2) Gathering Resources per click – the design of not having one click one gather all resources is welcomed. But will there be a per click to auto actively gather the resources within a set of time frame? This is to reduce the multiple clicking per gather resources.

*Perhaps the game design in the gathering resources is just right. What’s your thought?

3) Teleportation – The first day i play the game, i realized it’s tedious and a hassle to not have a teleportation mechanic. After giving a serious thought on safe albion online silver. You guys are doing it right. The ship is someway a travelling tools to different cities, not to mention the mount with that ride to get your across the map. So having a teleportation will defeat the purpose of a mount. Unless in a dungeon. You’re doing good.