I’m sure I’ve been kicked due to inactivity, but I was in the teamspeak enough to learn that your method of leadership is laughable. If you consider that being good at this game, re-think things. It was so chaotic it was comical, and your strategies in open world were pretty much “zerg”. Your arguments come across as really douche like, (lol I’m better than everyone).

If you think the combat in this game isn’t shallow, try a game like gw2. With active dodging, and a lot more Albion Online Silver, including field interaction, it makes this game as complicated as rock, scissors, paper. I quit because almost all my friends quit, and I had recruited a bunch of people (all of them quit, most won’t likely ever come back). I’m waiting for decent patch notes, more content, and a bit better of a system.

Hell even the old muds had a more complicated skill/combat system. This game is very shallow, and while it is beta, I was in the GW2 beta, AOC beta, warhammer online beta, and all of them were more fleshed out and closer to release. Did SI make a mistake and announce this as a beta…I think so. This feels more like an alpha with regards to content. This would have worked well years ago, but games are getting so much better and I think standards are higher. The one thing this game has going for it is full loot, which is what got me on board originally.


You’re just confirming what I’ve said before, all shitters crying because they are clueless. Your friends that joined Money guild aren’t close to the skill level of myself and the main team, if it was so shallow they would be, as I’m sure you probably consider them good players(I do too, actually). My leadership style works, that’s why we are where we are needing more AO Gold. Any other guild you were in has died and achieved nothing before they crumbled. Words mean nothing, actions mean a lot. Try it sometime.

EDIT: I’ve played all of those games, tested several of them well before they hit the tests that you would’ve gotten into – enjoyable, but they’re all dead for a reason. Probably because they’re so deep and fleshed out, I guess. Right?

The game does require more thought than most people give it credit for/ are capable of using. This is why so many guilds failed or lost their member base(mine included). It can be very boring if you just use cookie cutter composition A and try to fight the same zones over and over in larger groups. You can absolutely 2-3 black zone content and defeat larger groups if you play better and make use of good ability combinations/consumables.

This is best highlighted by the fact that I can use 6.3 weapons and armor and defeat Money Guild teams in 8.3 or enchanted safe albion online silver, ala Rank River and various other GVGs. Their main team is alright I guess.