Removing it would increase the amount of Road ambush, pvp encounter, the actual need of a escort team,witch would change the economy of some cities, guilds and people.Sounds interesting. and more action for the game,they could even add a escort reward if you need to make some extra money,ppl could hire you to help on the escort with a pre-paid system that once the escort is complete the money goes to your account.Honestly the game is so Old school as is why would they even think to make it more of a chore / grind. If they are going to remove fast travel then they need to increase the amount of stuff you can carry by a lot as well as what the Ox can carry.

If they take out Fast travel just to jerk around with the game i want my Albion Online Gold back… hell, i like the grind and what not but i dont have 2hr to sit at a monitor just running from one place to the other.. thats complete nonsense. 2hr kill mobs ( np ) 2hr doing PvP (np ) 2hr doing dungeons (np ) 2hr farming / crafting ( np ) .. 2hr just to travel the map ( PROBLEM ).caravan has to stay close together… so it can be easily AOEd down by gankers… brilliant idea genius….
Caravans are not a solution to anything… and neither is removing fast travel…. what WILL happen, is people will use alts to check market prices…. and then someone will have the idea to network all that information on a website… similar to how you can check AlbionMall prices out of game in eve.There is no way to get around the market being universal, any attempt to reduce its universality will only help multiboxers and the like.

What you need is a game attractive enough to keep a playerbase in the hundreds of thousands Cheap Albion Online Gold and a game world big enough… and interesting enough that markets have individuality.Also keep in mind, this game has no distinct factions or races…. something that extremely limits the market geographical uniqueness… in EVE the type of ships sold depend a lot more on which faction’s space your in than distribution of resources or lack of fast travel