Yeah seems like the zergs have got bored with red/black and started to zerg down yellows now.
Guessing they have no one left to kill out there except each-other, since no solo or small group players want to go out and get steamrolled by a zerg ball. So they’ve come to yellow to 8 v 1 grinders.
Its getting pathetic TBH.
If this is any indication of how the game will be on launch, its going to end up being 2-3 zergs fighting each-other because everyone not in those groups will quit.
There is no reason not to add more Albion Online Silver, more people increase power exponentially with no drawbacks. So naturally the smaller guilds will mass together untill you have 2 super powers fighting each-other. Once one side gets the upper hand people will start abandoning the losing side and “switching” to the winning side, because who likes loosing. The you have one mega alliance that owns the game! And they realize they have no one left to kill. So they all quit.
This will be ESO all over again if something isnt done to chop down the zergs.
That being said, yes i have lost all AO Silver in the game in its current state. The criminal system will apply to yellow and red zones but not black, so its a bad fix that wont change anything end game (t7-T8mats).
I will of course check back in with updates, there is still hope.I was really hoping for a March or April release but it is what it is. I love the game right now no matter what so I’m just going to have to wait. But I’ll keep playing it cause I want to keep testing different things. I hope with the extra time they put in some really cool sandbox elements to play with like armor dyes or something cosmetic for the players.

You’re wrong for the simple fact that nothing has changed from Alpha tests besides farming which is still as balanced as crap.

Few tweaks here and there, actually worse destiny board, less weapons, less skills, premium and LP. So ye Alphas > Beta, even tho the last alpha was the worse with a crappy destiny board, but the current one is just the worst.

So please tell me how we people who have been Buy Albion Online Silver from alphas are resistent to change? So much time development for too little improvement, actually several steps back imo.