If you look at games like Lineage 1 the enchanting system implemented is all armors are Safe to +4 using a armor enchantment scroll that is only droped by Monsters on rare occasion. anything after +4 the item has a % chance to break making over +items after +4 more and more harder chance to be enchanted +5 60% chance +6 35% chance +7 20% chance +8 10% chance +9 5% chance +10 5 % chance +11 Max 2% chance of success with Albion Online Powerleveling they are safly enchanted to say +6 but applying a diffrent scroll of enchant weapon. with same type of formula

Now they also have a Blessed scroll of Enchant armor or weapon. example if +4 is safe on armor i would enchant my armor to +3 use a blessed scroll and 60% chance it would go up 2 values from +3-+5 skipping a chance of destroying your armor from +4-5 same with weapons being safe enchant it to +5 using blessed scroll getting it to +7 buy AO Gold the chance of ruining your weapon from 6-7. this creates a gambling like enchantment systems. also making more items be destroyed off the markets. istead of + system it an be = to +1 being excellent +2 being masterpiece +3 being epic +4 legendary.

Every one likes to Gamble :). now also in lineage if ur items where Rare like a black mithril item. the chances of enchanting this gear was Very hard you might need 20 Sets to even get one piece to go +1

Now Other Games Like Rohan the Blood Feud had a simular system. but making it for crafters. lets use Albion online Terms