There is many aspects why they extend it another 8 months. to develop the game better.

1.Creating founders pack, on very begun allow people to buy it and feel special, as be (one of first to enter game). with is fine with me, but tells us all, they didn’t had budged to progress with the game and made this solution.
2 Now after all this time we’ve been waiting for this game and when closed beta came up – They realised unexpected popularity of the game, and developers was nicely surprised of amount of Cheap Albion Online Silver joining in.
3 Game is not free to play (yet) , But they already realised how many features has to be changed and rewriting as if they having 60k players playing and trying the game, we came across many features with aren’t good system for this game, or simple were bad solution . And Also WITH BUDGED THEY GOT NOW they can start working on thinks with before they couldn’t afford . so Yes they trying make game more exiting and better, better and better.JUST please don’t forget AOSilver doesn’t want all to be changed,
4 People were complaining and quitting game, when upgrade came and sadly fame rewards drop. and crafting harvesting gathering became a bit easier.
Yet again I think that was wrong move and hope will not be preeminent. But also make me understand they want people to reach Top and see how other thinks work as well. in both different Set up’s.
I would love to see ” END OF GAME” Reaching even for insane hard core player withih 1-2 years not faster than that cuz this game will be lost as HELBREATH back in days.
AND U DEVELOPERS came with idea to change our founders pack for some gift in the gam(starter pack) with on the end of the day making us spend and Donate again once game will start