First of all I have to say that this game has a great future if it has the same dev`s support.

1) Well, I think map must be changed. Not only in towns with AO Silver but separate map for guild wars. There have to be icons of all your team independently of their distance from you. And icons of tents which can damage you.
2) PVP. Dont agree with teasky. Too radical. Good idea but not to the near future. Maybe it is right to forbid leaving current territory while you have a debuff. But I have another solution.

Firstly, if you tried to kill somebody you DO NOT get a debuff. Give a second to explain before throwing Albion Online Items.

If you attacked or tried to kill smb but were not successful (he managed to leave territory) you are marked. It means that you can be killed by anyone and he will not get a debuff. But this mark does not weaken you. Lasts as long as debuff.
If you attack your marked enemy, you are marked too but do not get a debuff in case of kill.
If you killed smb who is not marked then you get a debuff. (And you get a debuff even you are not a killer. Same as now)
So if you have a debuff you cant leave current territory ^^
A bit complicated but more flexible sistem.
Of course it is up to you to decide)
3) Well, I had been thought. Want to see alliances. If your guild has “friendship” with another, you can visit their territory. To save your life for example.