Stop trying to ruin this game.

The developers won’t change this because it’s one of the founding Albion Online Powerleveling of the entire game.

Look at Eve. There are a couple of market hubs and lots of markets that are bare but it works and it works GREAT.

Nobody wants to remove fast travel. There is just mentioned in new roadmap that there will be no fast travel to non-safe zones. Which just means – caravans.

EDIT: I think ships as fast travel is good, caravans? Maybe. Both has its bonuses and negatives. Right now when you have few Albion Online Items in green you can’t get rid of fast travel, people would live mostly in those areas around t5 dungeons. So with changing the fast travel the world has to change too. On the other hand, without fast travel, people would really “live” somewhere in the world. Now it doesn’t matter where you place your home base, you can go anywhere, if you got enough silver.