Consequences of new system
We hope that in the new system, we will see constant smaller skirmishes over the resource extractors – independent from specific time slot
With regards to territory fights, we feel that the above system is much better rounded and also quite cool in that it creates structured 5v5 fights and also potentially larger and epic fights over the siege towers
The main concern with the AO Silver over the old one is that fights over siege towers happen in the open world and could become quite zergy. This is mitigated by the fact that as a defender, you can ignore them and simply focus on winning the 5v5 that follows
On top of that, if we see excess zerging becoming an issue in the new system, we would tweak our in game mechanics and possibly also add a (non-exploitable) anti-zerg algorithm based on the size of your *actual* group (i.e. “group” being determined based on behaviour, such that you cannot exploit the system by indirectly playing together without being in the same guid/alliance/group)