Now you will never again see storage buildings like player houses or guildhalls in a city, because they cant reliably safely store their stuff.

So as a guild I have to pick a homebase and then can not ever build local guild storage in other cities because they could be ‘bought out’, or even just forces to pay a ridiculous amount to keep their buildings.

Ok I do agree that a greedy guild could take all or a lot of land (yes this could be very very bad!!) But you also have to look at this. Who is going to spend millions of silver on land that is only turning a few thousand in profit? I mean lets face it sure there are going to be guilds that spend a lot for the heck of it but really why dump that much silver on things that aren’t worth it when it could be going into crafting and other things that really help the guild? Also as a player that may own the land in the beginning or later and then gets outbid by a large guild will get some of that money dump they spent to buy the land plot. I mean if a guild drops millions of Albion Online Silver on an area you might walk away with a nice profit.

I know I am playing devils advocate and I do think there are concerns that need to be addressed but I just wanted to bring up the other side as well.

What about ownership management for guilds and access rights for multiple plots.

Say I am a big business with different usage fee rates for say… 20 entities each. (10 guilds and 10 friends of the person / guild)
Do I have to set those rights individually for each building?

Can you make some kind of access rights import scheme / template I can import / save?

This is not just for cities, but lets assume somebody who has to manage say, 10 plots or 30 buildings.

600 individual entries to keep track of.

That would suck.

Can I block people from using my buildings? Can I blacklist guilds / people?