I can’t wait until they have certain areas of the world dedicated towards a certain type of material. This will make both gathering (and killing gatherers) more interesting on Cheap Albion Online Gold.

If i need wood i know to go to the “forest” or if i need ore to go to the “mountains”. Much better than all maps having nearly the same resource amounts and having every type.

Along with the map rework I’m hoping to see some trade routes evolve in which have a high traffic of material transport, which in turn will attract bandits, and have this back and forth dynamic of attacking and defending oxen trying to make it to town.

This was a waste of time… when are you actually going to answer all the questions that were asked… wasnt that the intent of the videos?? Answer community questions.. not ramble on about heretics.. which was like 40% of this video.

How can you claim that only crafting is being actually impacted/changed with Cador? I understand if you don’t want to have extra work and create tools for the affected players (pretty much everyone) to play or test stuff around, but being intentionally naive is horrible for those out there testing and giving feedback.

The armor system is being severely changed and the large majority will have to re-roll. Now, before the same old wannabemoderator answer pops up (this is beta, you knew things were going to be reset), let it be known that my (and others) complaint is not about re-grinding, it’s about not having how to. The changes are drastic and the LP limitations were not alleviated.

Not only that, you are changing the armor system without solving its main issue: the 1./.2/.3 unbalance. There is also the enormous impact in tanking that you are avoiding to comment on.

Changes are welcome, specially on a beta environment, but at least try to give the players the tools to test it. I am sorry to say it this way, but please care for their feedback, even if minimally. The concerns on the test server feedback forum are various and have been completely ignored.

By the other hand, what in my humble opinion you should not do, is to blame the players for not reading elderly, ambiguous and abstract posts or pretending things are not happening the way they are.

We like seeing the game changing and watching the evolution of the gameplay, but I don’t see a reason to do that soo gloomly. We want to test new stuff, just give us a way to do it and try to take feedback in consideration. There is no need to ignore so many people just because they aren’t in the central table.

In resume, we have a system changing profoundly the Albion Online Items while you say it isn’t; a system that is impacting several players while you say it isn’t; a system keeping unbalances while you are saying it is solving them; a system that’ll demand people to reroll/retest while you don’t give the tools to do it. What do you possibly gain with that?