I admit, I know no Albion Lore. I will get around to it- but not just now.
Though I am curious as to who the King is.
Has he been named in any lore/press?

I’ve had a feeling for months now this monarch’s name will eventually be revealed as:

On top of that they could add dire mounts for Tiers 3-4.

You guys have been talking about this for a couple months now and I think it would brighten my day along with a lot of players if we could see some progress toward the wipe. I know you showed the swamp, but certainly you have some cool drawings or some sort of schematic for the new layout / continents?

Think it would be really awesome to see the progress.

Well many systems are fairly populated others are not so populated.it’s only 5000 systems in tjis map. They are all visited and u can have activity in any of these. But if AOSilver really want something that will take 10 years and have only 1% of the map explored, you got to check out elite dangerous 400 billions systems .

Since i quiet in ealry january i follow the panths ao takes and i must say they nearly fixed anything what bottered me at the start of the CB. For example the gear repair, no friendlist and the small map will be fixed soon i hope. So that there are no rundowns for a t3 iron like at the start of the cb where u had to search for everykind of ressource.