If you’re going to log on only to be go afk for that long then don’t login in the first place. It is common knowledge that the servers are congested right now and that everyone is having issues. To just get in game and sit there is rude.

It is quite literally like going to a restaurant that you know is busy, getting in and waiting around at your table for an hour or two before you get Blade And Soul Gold. One person doing it isn’t that bad, sure.

But when nearly all the customers are doing it, you have a problem. The only people that will get angered over an afk timer are those that are abusing the system without it, so tough shit to them.

Do servers look dead to you, people are waiting hours in a q that could be minutes for everyone because u want to be a dick and take an hour long shower eat /smoke break, guess what if i’m only waiting 5 min in q that means your only waiting 5 min in q instead of me waiting 4 hours in q and you online doing nothing……

works both ways, you wouldn’t have to wait to log back on so go have a shower smoke eat and Cheap BNS Gold ……not seeing the problem

This is the dumbest post ive ever read….

Honestly tho at this point it doesn’t really matter anyways they seem to have fixed it q times on Mushin have dropped dramatically