Thats one of the ways, theres various solution that so far had no effect on me.

1. Overclock CPU till maximum stable – This is game only uses 2 cores and thus if you have 4 or 6 doesnt make diffirence if 2 used cores have low speed

2. Got to task manager -> processes -> Right click “Client.exe” and set Priority to High

3. True FULLscreen -> In game Teleport from one location to another and while in loading screen press Alt+Enter multiple times until screen flickers – game doesnt run on True full scree to Buy Blade And Soul Gold, rather semi-full screen, that is not very good supported by GPU`s . To know if you are in True fullscreen or not, simply Alt+Tab – game should complitely minimize to dekstop.

4. Windows 7 > Windows 10 – some people believe that Windows 10 itself causes instability in game and is culprit of bad performance -downgrade if you can.

5. Go to Control Panel -> Nvidia control panel -> 3d Options -> 3D Options Managment -> find Power supply managmnet and set it to Maximum Power (can specify only for client.exe” if you want.

6. Skill-Lag Related mostly – https://www.reddit.c…l_lag_in_blade/

7. One user mentioned lag/delay in his game – he traced it back to one of windows services in task manager – svchost -> wuauserv service (responsible for win updates) and disabled it, thats how he solved his problem.

those are few i tried so far.

Im gonna try using google translate and apply method listed with Blade & Soul Items, just reinstalled windows to have fully clean system with older drivers, hope it will help.